Pathfinder: Caravan

Through the Eyes of the Innocent

Goblins Goblins Everywhere

My name is Almira I am Diedre’s caretaker, I have seen her grow but not develop. She a very curious girl which will bring her trouble and treasure. In this the town of her mother she has no future except maybe that of cannon fodder in the war of with the Darkness. I have called an old friend of mine Kord making arrangement for her to travel with them to Greengold a city comprised of mostly her kind, with hope she find what she is looking for on the way. Along with Diedre I sent Leonan my son to watch over her and to deliver an important message to the High Queen in Iadara.

From the report I have been getting back from my sources she seems to be taking to the life of an adventurer quite well. From Goblin attacks, burning down bars, to talking down a Dragon, my little girl has made me proud. From other source I have heard she has gained an admirer which I am trying to work through but in the end I am looking at what is best for her.



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